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Stage 4 (12+ months)

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Aptamil 3 Growing Up Milk Formula 800gr -London Grocery
Heinz Cottage Pie 230gr-London Grocery
Heinz Cottage Pie 230gr
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Heinz Lamb & Vegetables 230gr-London Grocery
Tilda Kids Cheese & Tomato Rice 125gr-London Grocery
Heinz Sweet Potato & Beef Hotpot 230gr-London Grocery
Heinz Tomato Mozzarella Pasta Shells 230gr-London Grocery
Tilda Kids Mild Curry Rice 125gr-London Grocery
Heinz Sweet & Sour Chicken & Rice 230gr-London Grocery
Kiddylicious Cottage Pie With Veggie Mash 180gr-London Grocery
Hipp Organic Potato, Pumpkin & Chicken Scrumble 230gr-London Grocery
Hipp Organic 1 Year Scrumptious Lasagne 230gr-London Grocery
Tilda Kids Vegetable Paella 125gr-London Grocery
Tilda Kids Vegetable & Wholegrain Rice 125gr-London Grocery
Tilda Kids Sunshine Vegetable Rice 125gr-London Grocery
Hipp Organic Pasta With Juicy Tomatoes & Courgette 260gr-London Grocery
Hipp Organic Classic Spaghetti Bolognese 230gr-London Grocery
Nestle Cerelac Honey & Wheat Baby Food 12 Months 400gr-London Grocery

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