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Knorr Cream Cheese Sauce (Carbonara) Pot Pasta 55gr-London Grocery
Amino Mushroom Soup (Grzybowa) 57gr-London Grocery
Edmal Lunch Salad Firm Style (Salatka Firmowa) 900gr-London Grocery
Amino Cucumber Soup (Ogorkova) 61gr-London Grocery
Pudliszki Bigos/Cabbage Stew with Meat Ready Meal 500gr-London Grocery
Amino Bean Soup (Fasolowa) 61gr-London Grocery
Knorr Bolognese Pot Pasta 60gr-London Grocery
Dawtona Sweet Corn (Easy Open) 340gr-London Grocery
Amino Hot Chicken Soup (Rosol Z Kury Pikantny) 58gr-London Grocery
Amino Gulasz Soup (Gulaszowa) 59gr-London Grocery
Lowicz Bolognese Sauce (Bolonski) 500gr-London Grocery
Knorr Goulash Sauce Pot Pasta 53gr-London Grocery
Edmal Gipsy Salad 900gr-London Grocery
Edmal Gipsy Salad 900gr
Sale price£3.21
Dega Vegetable Salad with Corn 280gr-London Grocery
Dega Vegetable Homemade Salad 280gr-London Grocery
Dega Vegetable Salad with Champignons 280gr-London Grocery
Amino Tomato Soup (Pomidorowa) 61gr-London Grocery
Pudliszki Beans in Tomato Sauce (Fasola) 620gr-London Grocery
Profi Tomato with Chicken and Pasta Soup 450gr-London Grocery
Profi Sour with Pork Sausages Soup 450gr-London Grocery
Profi Goulash with Vegetables & Thyme Soup 450gr-London Grocery
Pudliszki Gulasz/Pork & Beef Goulash Ready Meal 500gr-London Grocery
Profi Cucumber with Pork Meat Soup 450gr-London Grocery
Pudliszki Flaczki/Pork Tripe in Tomato Sauce 500gr-London Grocery
Pudliszki Golapki Ready Meal (Stuffed Cabbages) 500gr-London Grocery
Profi Red Beetroot Soup 450gr-London Grocery
Profi Baked Beans with Pork Sausage Soup 450gr-London Grocery
Lowicz Pulpety Meatballs in Tomato Sauce 580gr-London Grocery
Lowicz Fasolka – Beans, Bacon & Sausages 580gr-London Grocery
Lowicz Kociolek Meksykanski (Mexican) 580gr-London Grocery
Lowicz All-in-One Russian Dish 580gr-London Grocery
Lowicz All-in-One Bolognese Dish 580gr-London Grocery
Edmal Ukranian Salad 900ml-London Grocery
Edmal Ukranian Salad 900ml
Sale price£2.97
Edmal Lunch Salad Mixed (Salatka Obiadowa) 900gr-London Grocery
Dega Vegetable Salad with Chicken 280gr-London Grocery
Amino Beetroot Soup (Barszcz Czerwony) 66gr-London Grocery

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