Luxury Tropical Fruits Basket

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    This lovely jackfruit, yellow dragon, mangosteen, guava, longan, star fruit, lychee, dragon fruit, rambutan and passion fruit luxury gift set hamper would be ideal as a treat as a tropical/ exotic fruit fan or presented to your friends and families for Christmas!


    What is in the basket?

    🍈 nutritious and tasty Jackfruit x 1

     mild and sweet Yellow Dragon Fruit

    “Queen of Fruit” Mangosteen (250gr)

     unique and sweet Guava x 4

      indescribably delicious Dragon Fruit 

    extremely juicy Longan (250gr)

    Star on Apple slightly sour and juicy Star fruit (Carambola)  x 2

    tender and sweet Rambutan (250gr)

      superb jelly-like Passion Fruit (250gr)

     delicious pearl sheen Lychees (250gr)