Efepasa Sliced Beef Soujouk / Sucuk - Halal - 250 gr

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How would you like your sucuk? Grilled, as a topping for pizza, fried or in your toast? Enjoy the traditional flavour of Efepasa 100% beef halal sliced garlic sausage with London Grocery for the best quality! The taste of it makes every meal a special treat!

How to Store Soujouk / Sucuk?

Once the package is opened, you can keep it in the fridge tightly wrapped in paper towel for about five days.

What Are the Nutrients in Soujouk / Sucuk?

100% beef sucuk is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. 50 gram serving of  garlic sausage contains 0.75 grams of carbs, and 9.12 grams of protein.


Buy Efepasa Sliced Soujouk Online with London Grocery! Our Soujouk is a halal product. View Halal Meat Certificate information.