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Banana leaves are bright to dark green with spiked edges. Banana leaves are often used in various recipes for wrapping. Banana leaves are available round the year and they are originated from tropical regions. The leaves can also be used as a decorative service presentation under the food. Using a banana leaf in a recipe enhances the aroma. 

Banana leaves are often used in delicious and flavoursome recipes in certain areas of Thailand. The leaves are also often used as a wrap around fresh fish, chicken or veggies.

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About Fresh Banana Leaves Online

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  • Pack Size: 450 gr.

How to Eat Banana Leaves?

Banana leaves are large in size and they are flexible, so they are usually used for wrapping food. Banana leaves have a nice aroma that is passed to the food cooked in or served over them. Banana leaves are also used it steam recipes to add extra aroma. The leaves are often not consumed after their content is eaten.


Buy Fresh Banana Leaves Online | London Grocery