London Grocery is your local fruit and vegetable wholesaler which is now at your doorstep. We are proud to deliver the freshest, premium, and locally sourced products to Londoners' doorsteps.

We buy our products at fruit and vegetables wholesales market directly from local producers to deliver you both great flavour and value for money. This process also reduces the touch points in the supply chain by at least 90% vs. physical stores.

We do not keep any stocks. We buy what you want on demand for maximised freshness and minimised waste. We trust our quality of service but if you are somehow not happy, we offer a 100% refund as a guarantee.

If you want to learn more about our delivery coverage and details, please see the Delivery page. We also offer free shipping slot to first time visitors on our site, use LGNEW5 code to get £5 OFF your first order with us 😊  If you have any questions or feedbacks, please reach out to us via contact form, we respond in 2 hours.
We are a 100% customer obsessed fresh food supplier, we take our customers' feedbacks very serious. We also encourage our customers to leave product reviews to help others make better purchase decisions. See what our customers think about our produce below.