Twisted Nose Premium Dry Gin – World Gin Award Winner – 70cl Gin Bottle

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Twisted Nose dry gin takes your senses on a journey into Hampshire’s fragrant green world of watercress, crystalline chalk streams and long summer days spent at the water’s edge. Crafted to capture the extraordinary natural habitat of where it’s made, our award-winning spirit is gently distilled with fresh, peppery watercress to give it a unique and uplifting twist. Combined with the nine other carefully selected botanicals, the final result is a perfectly balanced dry gin that is a perfect gift set for women or men. Presented in a bespoke bottle that ripples and refracts like the surface of a stream, Twisted Nose is a vibrant celebration of provenance and place.

About Twisted Nose Premium Dry Gin


Distilled with fresh watercress. A unique ingredient harvested from the distillery chalk streams. You’ll experience a delicate sweetness and a peppery sparkle with every sip. This premium gin will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and relaxed.


Hand crafted in copper stills your mouth will be awash with juniper pine and zesty grapefruit adorned by sweet spice and subtle floral hints. A bold peppery sparkle will welcome you on the long, complex finish.


Voted the most beautiful gin bottle at the World Gin Awards 2020. An elegant gin gift set for your friends or family that’ll look stunning next to gin glasses. Bottle is also free from plastic and 100% recyclable.


Unlike other dry gins, Twisted Nose expertly balances juniper with sweet herbs and spicy tones. Leaving your mouth bubbling with excitement.

GOLD MEDAL WINNER at the 2020 Gin Masters. You’ll experience a liquid that is as elegant as it’s bottle that’ll leave you craving more. Perfect gin gift for women or men.


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