Nikka Whisky From The Barrel Japanese Whisky 50cl

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Nikka From The Barrel is a blended whisky created to deliver full flavors and richness of whisky “from barrels” which only blenders can sniff and taste.
The iconic bottle is designed to reflect “a small block of whisky” – embodying the rich, strong taste of the whisky within.

From The Barrel is an extremely complex blended whisky bottled at 51.4% ABV. In order to deliver its richness and full flavors, the blended liquid goes into used barrels for another few months for “marriage” before it is bottled.

This 100 percent malt whisky is made using Nikka's proprietary all-malt production method. The main feature of the all-malt process is that top-quality malted barley is distilled in the coffee still instead of corn which is the usual ingredient. The result is a whisky made entirely from malted barley.All-malt whisky made from barley alone and blended from malts matured over long periods of time, is blessed with a deep scent and mellow taste.

Tasting Notes

Well-balanced with notes of dried fruit, honey, coconut, spice, apple, smoke, seaside and vanilla. 


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