New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Mix - 12 Bottles (75cl)

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About New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Mix

Pungently aromatic, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc assails the senses with red capsicum (bell pepper) and gooseberry characters, lush passionfruit and tropical fruit overtones. Other notes include fresh cut grass, tomato stalks, grapefruit or lime.

Food matching

The 'zing' of Sauvignon Blanc is a delightful complement to the fresh flavours of seafood, shellfish and white fish, and enhances citrus or garlic based sauces.

Crunchy summer salads and capsicums resonate with the flavours of Sauvignon Blanc, with both the wine and dish being complimented by the match.

Tangy foods, such as tomatoes and vinegar-based dressings, are also ideal food matches.

On its own, Sauvignon Blanc is a mouth-watering aperitif, especially on a bright summer's day.