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About us

We are innovative food engineers and also produce wholesalers, and we built London Grocery in order to directly deliver to the end consumers. In our wholesales channel, we sell our produce to supermarkets and restaurants. As a wholesaler in the produce sector for a long time, we know that there are dozens of middlemen in the fresh produce supply chain which increases the risk of contamination due to interaction with fruits & veg. In our supply chain model, we get the demand from you, then make a daily procurement from the premium quality range of vegetable wholesales market early in the morning and then deliver it to your doorstep within 8-12 hours. We simply cut down all the middlemen in the supply chain and deliver the top quality produce in the purest form to you.


How do we supply our products?

We buy our products from Spitalfields fruit and vegetables wholesales market which is the premier local wholesales market of the UK. This process also reduces the touch points / interactions in the supply chain by at least 75% vs. physical stores.

We do not keep any stocks. We buy what you want on demand for maximised freshness and minimised waste. We trust our quality of service but if you are somehow not happy, we offer a 100% refund as a guarantee.

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